Runway Five

Runway Five
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The desire to soar among the heavens and stars has been a dream of mankind for centuries. Leonardo de Vinci, the famous 15th century inventor and artist, contributed many detailed sketches of flying machines, but to many, it was considered impossible that humans would ever fly. Beginning with manned hot air balloon flights in 1738, to the more controllable Wright brothers' airplanes introduced in 1903, to today's incredibly far-reaching supersonic jet engines, space craft, and space stations, man has certainly achieved the dream of travel by air and space. Written for the Challenger Middle School Band of Huntsville, Alabama, Runway Five pays homage to the tenacity of the human spirit and mankind's achievements of flight and space exploration. With main themes presented in minor keys, the asymmetric and odd meters--especially the 5/4--intend to give thrust and momentum to the music. Remembering the many obstacles, failures and disasters that occurred along the path to our success with flight and space voyage, a slower, contrasting section is reflective and culminates into a triumphal climax, as if looking through the portal of a space ship at our beautfiul earth! The many changing meters of the piece are intended to give the listener a similar feeling that a pilot has while attempting to control an aircraft during a turbulent and bumpy flight. Percussion, through the addition of a variety of instruments, contributes a colorful rhythmic undercurrent and helps propel the persistent feeling of fast forward motion. With more than 1,500 permanent rocketry and space exploration artifacts and space-related exhibits, Huntsville, Alabama is home to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, considered the largest space museum on earth.

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Catalog: 41957
Publisher: Alfred
Composer: Brant Karrick
Level: 4

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